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About Lisa Glover.

Lisa has a B.A. in Architecture and a Masters of Engineering from Lehigh University, where she made a 15ft long laser cut velociraptor costume that became a viral sensation.

Right out of college she ran a toy business where she raised over $150K on Kickstarter and brought multiple products to market. Lisa then spent a year teaching kids to code and be kind all around the SF Bay Area. She came back east to join Highlights for Children as an editor, helping millions of kids become makers through her many STEAM projects. As the "Maker in Residence" at the Stourbridge Project, she welcomed newcomers into the rural innovation space, taught tech skills, and designed spaces.

Currently Lisa is the Placemaking Fellow at the Center on Rural Innovation, where she's helping other rural communities bring their visions of vibrant, people-powered places to life. She lives downtown with her partner and their two twin rabbits. Lisa is on the board of the Wayne County Arts Alliance, through which she's working to make town a more vibrant place for everyone who lives, works, and plays there. You can see some of her recent community projects in the 

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